Who can Help My Business to Boom?

I need to grow my business – like having a boost kinda thing

Sure is the answer you will get from any marketing firms these days right? Yeah we have been there. When you want to grow your business there are a number of parties who would like to help you. The million dollar question would be who is gonna help you out?


Lets track a  bit back first. What does booming a business mean? Seriously, we have asked that for our customers when they throw that question to us. The question is right since there are milliard ways to interpret it. Is that traffic? Management? Sales? Conversion? Finding the niche? Shall I keep going?

In a simple terms, the business main goal is maximizing profit. That main goal is shared by multiple businesses big or small. The tricky part starts here. What part of the business parameter(s) do you want to maximize? Because, each and every parameters would be counting towards the profit. At times, acquiring customer might be the problem or converting them or keeping them as customer…


So, the first step will be identifying which part the business is missing and hence having more effort on it. Here are some points to notice which is(are) missing. All the points are applicable for online store/services and some for brick n mortar shops

  • The number of people buying or using your product/service are small to none
  • The number of people visiting your business(leads) are small to none
  • The number of people coming back as customer are small to none
  • Too much demand when inventory is low and vice versa
  • Lots of returns
  • Complaints on shipping and handling
  • Complaints on customer handling

If you are having one or more of the problems listed above, don’t panic you are not alone. The good news, they can be solved


1. The number of people buying or using your product/service are small to none


This falls, as you have guessed it, on the marketing side. In this day and age, marketing on the internet on multiple social media is not enough. That very spot you are trying to buy is highly optimized and in bid for multiple users. Your ad should not only be targeted but also optimized for that very group.


You are doing that already probably, but the thing is you need to track it inside out to know the performing one. If you don’t know from where your visitors are coming from, then consider you are throwing your money – and worst part, you don’t know how much you are throwing as well.


Knowing the demographies of your prospects will allow you to focus on how you are going to put your next ad. Either to the same demography or to the ones which look like those. We have helped a number of customers of ours through our sophisticated tools to achieve exactly that.


2. The number of people visiting your business(leads) are small to none


This is another one coming if you have successfully passed the first hurdle. Say you are good on getting visitors(prospects) to your landing page. But now the problem is regarding the number of the visitors. It is not that great or at least to your expectations.


Again, you are not alone. This has, unfortunately, has some to do with how you are advertising. Mind you all ads are not created equal. There are tones of engineering going thru today’s ads to attract and stand out from the milliard of ads out there. So the main things to focus on includes having multiple ads for your target audience and keeping the record of which are getting more clicks. That is the key to maximize your visitors.


If you are having only one ad on social media or catered adword on google, time to give it thought now. That, simply told, is not enough. Have a variety of ads for for your targets. Make sure you change the wordings on the ads as well. There are a couple of things making difference like the words, the background color, if you have face in the ad or not, if you are using negative or positive words and a lot.


3. The number of people coming back as customer are small to none


If you are having only this problem, almost congratulations. This is, depending on how you are handling it, relatively simple problem as compared to the other ones. You had a customer already, all you need is to make sure to have the customer coming back.


The first thing to check is, how happy is your customer with their first purchase? Have you sent out any feedback mechanism? How many customers are complaining? Have you tried to google your business online and checked it on review sites? How are you keeping up with the customer with your need stuff?


All the above questions are the main ones to be answered to solve the mystery. If the customers are not happy with the first purchase, well, you know the answer. In that case, make sure to make the customer happy. Tell them what went wrong, either refund or replace as soon as possible. Don’t bash the customer who complains. The are vital to tell you the problem and giving you the chance to solve it.


The other question, do you have a way to contact your customers back? Like email, phone number and the like? How do you engage with them? This is key to make them in your loop of update. Some business might be a one time?? Is there such a business? I don’t think so. Be creative and try to upgrade their service, sell accessories, give maintenance or provide upgraded version of what they bought earlier.


Work hard to keep your customers with your as much as possible. Because you know that they are interested in your product/service and it is much easier to sell them similar product/service in the near future.


4. Too much demand when inventory is low and vice versa


Are you keeping the record of when the sales are picking and lowering? If you are following closely, you might have a good idea regarding this one. Simple excel and lots of POS these days would do this for you out of the box. Also make sure if there are any events that are coming which might spike the demand of your products/services .